Iron & Steel Unit

A & N Administration has appointed ANIIDCO as nodal agency for procurement and supply of steel materials to government departments in 1991. ANIIDCO is the largest supplier of Iron & Steel in the Islands with around 4000 MT of steel being procured and supplied in a year. ANIIDCO also procures and supplies steel materials of sizes 08mm to 25mm. ANIIDCO procures and sells TMT BARS of Grade Fe-500 & HCRM (Fe-500 is standardized by BSI for earthquake resistance and HCRM is high corrosion resistant material). ANIIDCO supplies steel to small scale steel industries at landed cost without profit margin. ANIIDCO also supplies MS Plates, MS Channels & MS Angles as on required basis to the government departments & Private customers. ANIIDCO has a steel stockyard at Dollygunj, Port Blair having storage facility of 500 MT of Steel and 40 MT weighbridge.

ANIIDCO is also functioning as a consignment agent of Steel Authority of India (SAIL) which is a primary producer who have set high standards in quality of steel all over India. Most of the steel/steel bar supplier of A & N Islands procure steel from secondary producers i.e steel produced from scrap iron Steel/TMT bars as primary produce is better in quality than secondary produce.

08 mm 16 mm
10 mm 20 mm
12 mm 25 mm

For further details regarding purchase of steel and credit sales, you may please contact :

Name of the officer
Office No.
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Shri Saji Samual
Sr. Manager
Steel Stockyard, Dollygunj.

Iron & Steel Stock